Algae to Crude Oil — Yes, please

Let’s face it.  The people of this planet require energy to live, conduct business, protect themselves from the elements and grow the food we serve at our tables.  Currently there are a number of wide ranging risks with obtaining the basic elements to “fuel” our society.  I was particularly interested in this article because, living in Michigan I’m around a lot of water.  I see each spring small ponds, lakes and creeks choke with fast growing algae blooms. While a fast growing process, nature normally takes its time clearing it out.  What if we were to have a fast growing source to fuel our society, wouldn’t that be ideal?  The scientists at the DOE’s Pacific National Laboratory have developed a process that essentially “speeds up” the process of turning Algae into a fuel source.  If anyone wants to share what else they know about this great process, please feel free to add to the conversation.  Thought you might enjoy the article.

Algae to crude oil: Million-year natural process takes minutes in the lab

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