Damn it Jim, I’m a Doctor not a Safari Guide!

Star-Trek-ReplicatorWell, pretty lame title, but for any die hard Star Trek fan, you’ll know Dr. McCoy’s voice anywhere and the sentiment behind it.  McCoy was always taken aback by the technology around him, even though he used all of it to his advantage.  He would often protest the food created by the “Replicator” a machine capable of creating and recycling objects. In the original series, replicators were used to create meals on demand, but in later series they produced many other item.

Now almost 50 years later, we are seeing the infancy of a new kind of replicator.   For years, health care professionals have struggled with finding ways to piece back together those who have been harmed by accidents and disease.  It looks like the world of answers is coming to their doorstep through the innovative use of 3-D printers.  Ears, nose and in the future, functioning livers will be just a request away through the power of the 3-D Printer.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?  Well, now they are looking at using the technology to save wildlife who have lost horns due to poachers.  Lest we not forget the material world, James Bond’s 1964 Austin Martin from “Goldfinger” was recreated via the 3 D printer for the movie “Skyfall”.

Check out the articles below and see for yourself what the 3-D universe is messing with.  What other uses can you see for this amazing technology?



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