All I Need is the Air that I Breathe

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Part 1 of the “C02 Remediation” Series
by: Colette Casey

For years now, discussions and warnings about C02 emissions have done more to divide us then to unite us in an effort to resolve something that is a common concern to us all. Clean air.

The finger pointing and blame game playing out on the global stage has resulted in, well, not much. Perhaps, a different perspective to debating this issue would not be politics and name calling, but a simple question:

“Are we being good stewards of our planet?”

This is a pretty basic question that you can simply answer; “yes” or “no”.

We live in an exciting time of technology and practices that literally “Capture” the carbon out of the air. Filters for your car tailpipe, new CO2 recycling plants, Carbon Capture Trees and sculptures and our ancient friend, Algae can all be the answer.

Where is CO2 coming from?

CO2 can be generated by something as simple as our breathing, but it can also be attributed to coal production in China (28% of the worlds C02 emissions), and energy and transportation (US 15.9% of worlds C02 emissions).

What’s interesting to note is that two (China and India) of the top three CO2 contributors were “waived” from the Kyoto Treaty way back when. However, with the latest talks in Paris, China and India as well as the U.S. have pledge to reduce CO2 emissions.

Let’s Talk Turkey.

Carbon capture is all good in theory, but most governments and corporations don’t like to take on projects where they won’t make any money. However, of all the environmental cleanup efforts, C02 capture is probably one of the more sustainable options available.

We should absolutely continue to foster natural approaches like the re-growth of Rain Forests in South America that are showing promising results. But we can augment these efforts with new technologies.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 3.12.20 PMEnter Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company that is capturing CO2 from the air and recycling it into pure C02 that can be resold. According to the company’s website:

CE’s air contactor absorbs atmospheric CO2 into our capture solution to produce a liquid solution that is rich in CO2. The regeneration process, involving several processing steps, produces a purified stream of CO2 and re-makes the original capture chemical. These two processes work together to enable continuous capture of CO2 from atmospheric air, with energy (and small amounts of make-up chemicals) as an input, and pure CO2 as an output. The stream of pure CO2 can be sold and used in industrial applications and/or permanently sequestered (geologically stored) deep underground.”

According to a recent Forbes article: “Assuming their small pilot plant runs well over the next six months, Carbon Engineering wants to go full-scale with a commercially-backed plant that could capture 1,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide a year, which would be like recycling the co2 emitted from 300,000 cars on the road.”

Not a bad endeavor, we’ll keep you posted.

Next Post: Get Some Tail (Pipe CO2 Filters)

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