Get Some Tail (Pipe CO2 Filters)


Part 2 of the “C02 Remediation” Series
by: Colette Calapristi Casey

The EPA sates that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. While most people would like to do something, they don’t really know “what” to do.   Many are trapped between wanting to do the right thing and needing to get to work, pick up kids, hit the grocery store and so on. Mass Transit you say? Great for cities with a strong infrastructure, but depending on where you live, it would be faster to ride in a wagon train vs. spending half the day on a bus across town. If transit is an option, consider taking it or carpooling at least 1-2 days a week. According to the EPA, if you do this, over the course of a year, you will reduce your greenhouse gas emission by an average of TWO TONS per year!

For those of us playing a giant game of traffic Tetris, we have plenty of time to think about what we can do to make the world better. Until the day that electric or hydrogen cars are the norm, we have to address our fossil fuel driven cars.

Stories are popping up slowly around technologies targeting CO2 at its final destination; your tailpipe. There was a promising technology developed by wunderkind Param Jaggi. He developed an invention called Algae Mobile or CO2ube. The device uses photosynthesis to capture the CO2 as it makes its way out of your cars tailpipe. It appeared for a short while on the web around 2013, but after a failed Kickstarter campaign the CO2ube has gone silent. Another Tailpipe filter called the “Blade” claims to remove “particulate material” from your exhaust. It doesn’t feature CO2, but hey, less crap in the air the better right?

While we don’t have a solid solution to automotive CO2 emissions, there is enough momentum that it is hopeful it will happen soon.

To further support the development and usage of a Tailpipe filter, it is highly recommended that the CO2ube original ideas for incentives be implemented. They include allowing drivers with the device to use HOV lanes and provide individual tax deductions for those purchasing and using the device. I recommend one step further and incorporate “coupons” to receive a free auto inspection for states that mandate the testing prior to registration.

It’s the little things that can add up to a big impact.


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