The Forest AND the Trees

treesImagine, every minute of every day our air is being cleansed by Trees. That already happens, you say? After all, trees do that all the time. However, thanks to deforestation, population growth and a host of other factors, there are fewer trees to compensate for human activity, especially in dense urban areas.

Enter the “Carbon Capture Tree.” This independently standing structure can be placed just about anywhere and once in place, silently begins to clean the air around it.

While some of the current designs look quite practical, others are down right works of art. Imagine city parks and Art Districts featuring beautiful sculptures that are not only easy on the eye, but easy on the environment.

Think of it, forests of capture units outside of every major city and more esthetic, artistic options in the heart of the cities.

While all of this is great for the environment, many could see it as a tax burden. What if it was sustainable? A comprehensive article on provides a great outline of Carbon Capture options including “Enhanced Oil Recovery” or EOR. The article describes how “CO2 is pumped into old oil wells as a solvent to scour lingering hard-to-get oil from the ground. EOR currently boosts US oil output by 10 percent a year, and the US government estimates that state-of-the-art EOR with carbon dioxide could add 89 billion barrels of oil to the nation’s recoverable oil resources – which is more than four times the country’s existing reserves.”

There’s more to learn and maybe it will inspire local communities to consider making their next piece of public art, a carbon capture unit!


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  1. […] was a reality?  Think of the center ring being the inner city.  Within that ring are public art sculptures that are really carbon capture units?  Just outside the city, in the middle ring are carbon […]

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