I’m a scientist.  No, I’m not.  I’m a researcher.  Well, kind of.  I have a degree in Environmental Engineering.  Naw.  I’m a brain scientist.  Yeah, right!

None of the above, but what I am is curious.  Curious about the evolution of technology and its role in society.  We are in a constant race between technology and humanity.  Mixing the two requires a certain finesse and a forward vision.  Let’s be real.  People are people and we are not going to change the world overnight.  This is due in part to a number of reasons: capability, old infrastructure, money and power players.  So, what we can do is raise awareness to opportunities.  Our society works through constituencies.  Eventually there is the perfect storm between opportunity and support and things come together.

My vision for this blog?  I believe we are on the verge of another renaissance, one of technology.  In the late 80’s manufacturing was dying out and large cities adapted the motto, “Last one out, turn out the lights”.  But then came Microsoft and Silicon Valley and a new industry was born.  Why?  Because we as a culture needed to move forward in how we access information that can be applied to our economies in order to put people back to work and evolve to the next level of information.

The last 10-15 years have cried out for the same kind of re-birth.  I happen to believe that sustainable energy, green technologies and other related technologies are the children needing to be born.  So, am I a scientist?  No.  A researcher? Maybe?  I am a geek with hope 🙂


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