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All I Need is the Air that I Breathe

A look at ideas and emerging tech to capture CO2 from the air.

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A “New Wave” to Save the World

What happens everyday?  Waves come in and Waves go out.  No one disputes the power they deliver, but what it that power can be captured?  What if that power was gathered and distributed the same was as any other hydro-electric

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A home that is self-sustainable?

Imagine if you will, Homes in the entire southwest retro-fitted with technologically advanced home elements to harness the power of the sun.  I’m not talking about just solar panels heating the pool, I’m talking about critical elements: a roof, windows

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Hover bikes, laser cycles and smog munchers, Oh My!

Something new right out of Star Wars is the “Hover Bike”.  Imagine yourself flying above traffic in downtown Seattle or New York or coasting over a river valley.  If the prototype works this may became a reality sooner rather than

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