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The Gift That Won’t Stop Giving

Let’s face it. Plastic ain’t so fantastic. This staple in our lives is slowly choking the world we live in.  The lone cup or plastic bag that was thrown out a car window will eventually make its way down a

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What if?

What if we cared for our planet as much as we cared for our possessions?   What if we changed the conversation away from climate change and pollution arguments to how we can be better stewards of our Earth?  There are

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The Forest AND the Trees

Imagine, every minute of every day our air is being cleansed by Trees. That already happens, you say? After all, trees do that all the time. However, thanks to deforestation, population growth and a host of other factors, there are fewer

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Get Some Tail (Pipe CO2 Filters)

Part 2 of the “C02 Remediation” Series by: Colette Calapristi Casey The EPA sates that a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. While most people would like to do something, they don’t really

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Grow your own organs!

Now we’re talking Stem Cells!!!!  I’ve always believed that we were capable of harvesting our own stem cells to provide a better match for our bodies than sources obtained elsewhere.   Now technology has finally come up with a solution!  In

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